3rd Class Gallery
















Michelangelo Art by Ms. McCrea’s Class








An Teilifís le Rang MsMcCrea.










Ms. McCrea’s Class dressed in blue to raise awareness of Autism.















Ms. McCrea’s Class had three engineers visit from ESB.

They did a workshop in which the girls made drawbots. It looks like so much fun!








We were so proud and thrilled to see our student on the Today Show with Daithí and Maura on Monday, 26th of March.

She spoke about her letter in the ‘Fáilte Pope Francis’ Book.






























Ms. McCrea’s Class were delighted to welcome parents into their classroom to help them make Easter Bunnies using socks and rice.

They look fantastic!















Ms. Bourke’s Class successfully work together as part of a team.
















Ms. Mc Crea’s Class have been sowing peas, spinach and cress as part of the Innocent ‘Sow and Grow’ Programme.

This links in closely with our Biodiversity Green Flag.














Ms. Bourke’s 3rd Class having fun doing Valentine’s Art.









Ms. McCrea’s Class busy at work!







A huge congratulations to Maja who was chosen as a winner in the ‘Letters to Pope Francis’ Competition. Her letter has been published in a book ‘Fáilte Pope Francis’.















Ms. Bourke’s Class had great fun in their Intercultural Music Workshop in which they learned a Japanese song and two African songs.


Ms. McCrea’s Class have been reading ‘Charlotte’s Web’ and doing exciting writing lessons based on the novel.
















Ms. Bourke’s 3rd class and the Diversity Committee had great fun participating in an Intercultural Music Workshop. The girls learned three songs – a Japanese song and two African songs.

It looks like so much fun!











Lovely Artwork by 3rd Class



Ms. McCrea’s Class have been learning all about fractions, they created pizza fractions with different toppings.




Ms. McCrea’s Class have been writing their 2018 goals.








3rd Class Scientists at the Science Fair investigating sound, the presence of starch and much more.


The many faces of Ms. McCrea’s Class



Fantastic artwork by Ms. McCrea’s Class