Our policies are based on Department of Education guidelines and have been ratified by the Board of Management.

Please find copies of the following policies below:


Mission Statement – This document lays down the vision and aims of the school.

Enrolment Form – If you wish to enrol in our school, please print off and fill in this form.

School Uniform

School Self Evaluation

Homework Policy – Information on how you can help your child with their homework and general practice in the school in relation to homework.

Healthy Eating PolicyOur policy on lunches and snacks brought to school.

Child Safeguarding Statement 

Child Safeguarding Risk Assessment

Code of Conduct for Parents, Guardians, etc. (April 2024) (1)

Code of Behaviour

All children are expected to adhere to the school’s code of behaviour. Parents are encouraged to read through it and familiarise their children with the rules. The code of behaviour is available from the school on request.