Use of Email Policy

Policy Guidelines for the Use of Email

St Catherine’s Senior School, Cabra

May 2020

The aim of this policy is to provide guidelines for the use of email to assist with communication in relation to teaching and learning during the Covid-19 pandemic.

All teachers have a designated school email address, for the purpose of school related communication only.


  • Teachers will communicate with parents during school hours only, Monday to Friday.
  • Teachers will not communicate directly with students by email. Communication with students is made through the Seesaw platform.
  • If using email to communicate with students through their parents’ email account, teachers will allocate a set time during the school day to answer questions, update students on their work, give guidelines for future work etc. 

This communication is in addition to the online learning which is being provided. Therefore, communication through the Seesaw platform will take precedence over answering emails.

  • Teachers are not expected to check their email after school hours. Parents are reminded that it may be the following day before a response is received.
  • All emails should be in a respectful tone. Teachers may cc the Principal on any communication.

Further guidelines can be found in the school’s Internet Acceptable Usage Policy.