6th Class Gallery




A great day out at the Santry Races.










A big congratulations to Ms. Padden’s 6th Class who reached the regional finals of the Irish Aid Competition.

The school received a plaque of recognition for their contribution to the competition.




Going Blue for Autism Awareness Day


Irish Aid Awards – 6th Class have been very busy preparing an application for the Irish Aid Awards. The girls have been learning about the differences between developing countries and developed countries. The students made jigsaws, treasure hunts, posters and much more to raise awareness of the Global Goals. The girls also wrote three songs and sang them to to the other classes to raise further awareness.







































Wonderful poster work!


6th Class made a jigsaw based on ‘Quality Education’.



Treasure Hunt for other classes.








Song singing and performing based on the Global Goals.






























Ms. Padden’s Sixth Class visited Workday in Arran Quay as part of Engineer’s Week.

The girls had a fantastic day learning about engineering and participating in ‘design and make’ activities.




6th Class showcase their wonderful talents and communication skills in the next promotional video for Irish Aid.

6th Class enjoy participating in the Happy Concert.

Some wonderful dance moves girls!



Brilliant work girls.

We are delighted to see 6th class feature in the promotional video for Irish Aid.

You are all naturals and have done the school proud!


Irish Aid sent in a film crew to video us making Fair Trade biscuits. We were celebrities that day!

We love science especially when we are carrying out experiments!

Our Intercultural Week Henna Tattoo Art


Inspired by ex-hurricane Ophelia, the 6th class girls created this beautiful art.








6th class really shone like stars for the Science Fair. They did some great experiments including;

  1. How to make a Lava Lamp
  2. Dish Soap Can Make a Piece of Cardboard Move
  3. Make a Cloud in a Jar
  4. Diet Coke and Mentos Challenge
  5. How to Make Run Away Pepper



The girls were delighted to meet the author Brian Gallagher in Cabra Library.



The girls began their art this year by studying the work of Picasso.


6th Class represented their identity in ‘A Ball About Me’ class display.