Theme One – Waste

We achieved our first Green Flag in June 2010 for ‘Waste’.

Our targets included:

  • Recycle paper in all classrooms.
  • Collect cartons, plastic bottles and plastic for recycling.
  • Assign litter pickers in the yard.
  • Collect batteries for recycling.
  • Hold an annual Spring Clean Up Day.

Work continues with these targets. We have four separate bins in each classroom – paper, plastic, food and general waste. 

Theme Two – Energy

We achieved our second green flag in May 2012.

Our targets included:

  • Close blinds when leaving the classroom at the end of the day to retain heat.
  • Turn off whiteboards and laptops when not in use.
  • Turn off lights when leaving the classroom.
  • Ensure that all light fixtures are fitted with energy efficient bulbs.
  • Turn off the radiators before opening windows.

In conjunction with Glanmore Foods, we reduced the number of plastic bottles we were using each day in school by installing water filters in some areas of the school and giving the pupils reusable bottles which can be refilled each day. We continue to work on these targets. Students continue to use the reusable water bottles and filters are now installed in all classrooms. New windows have made our school warmer and more energy efficient. Laptops, whiteboards and lights are all turned off when leaving the classroom.

Theme Three – Water

We received our third Green Flag in June 2014. Saving water is not just about saving money. Water is an important resource and clean water is essential to the health of both people and the environment. We need water to grow crops and have enough food to eat.

At St. Catherine’s we save water in the following ways:

  • We have water-saving push taps and modern cisterns in our toilets.
  • We save left over drinking water to water plants and wash art tools.
  • We drink filtered tap water instead of bottled water – which is not only better for the environment, it also allow us to cut down on our waste.

Theme Four- Travel

We continue to work on the theme of travel and encourage children to walk, park and stride, carpool or use public transport. The ‘Green Boot Award’ is awarded to a different class each week who have made the best effort to walk to school.

Transport Slogan

Whether you’re playing with friends or strolling in the sun, when you’re walking to school it’s always fun!

We’ve had a very busy year promoting Green travel.

You can read all about it in our Newsletter here.

St. Catherine’s Awarded Travel Flag

May 24th 2016

We are delighted to announce that we have been awarded our fourth green flag for transport! Hollie, Brooke and Ella from the Green Schools Committee went with Ms. Savage to the Helix in DCU to collect the flag. It was a wonderful celebration of the girls’ achievement. Thank you to all parents and pupils who have made a special effort to use their cars less and walk to school to ensure a healthier environment for future generations.


Theme Five – Biodiversity

We achieved our fifth green flag for ‘Biodiversity’. Every class planted seeds including carrots, lettuce, marrow and sunflowers, these were then be transferred to the school garden. Classes visit the garden to learn more about biodiversity.  We held a ‘Biodiversity Parade’ in which the children dressed up as plants, animals etc.

Working towards our Fifth Green Flag for Biodiversity.


 3rd Class have been busy planting seeds as part of the ‘Grow n Sow’ programme.


2nd class had a great afternoon planting daffodil bulbs in the garden.

We explored the trees in our school garden recently.
We found a beech tree, horse chestnut tree, holly tree and sycamore tree.

We were delighted to receive our 5th flag for Biodiversity recently in DCU. Ms. Shovlin and three members of the Green School’s Committee went to D.C.U. to collect the flag.

Great work everyone!

We were delighted to come Runner-Up in the final of the Dublin City Neighbourhood Awards in the Mansion House for all our environmental work and improving the local area.

Theme Six – Global Citizenship Biodiversity and Food

We are working on our sixth Green Flag for Global Citizenship Biodiversity and Food. We look forward to piloting this new flag over the next two years.

Firstly, we conducted an awareness survey before the Christmas Concert.

Check us out on News2day speaking about plastic pollution in our seas!

Ms. O’Brien’s Class have been busy keeping an eye on their hatching chicks. Many have now hatched and are ready for new life on the farm.

We really enjoyed a recent Food workshop from the Green Schools Team.

3rd Class have been busy in the School Garden

5th Class gave our school a big clean up after the summer holidays.

3rd Class harvested the potatoes from the school garden and made potato cakes.

3rd Class made Lavender Bags using the Lavender from the School Garden.

Well done to all the winners in the Pumpkin Decorating Competition.

5th Class planted Sweet Peas to make a Sweet Pea Tepee.

We linked our Green Schools Theme with Science Week and made Insect Hotels, Bird Feeders and Denim Planters.

5th Class took part in a project in which we measured the air for two weeks in different locations around our school and sent them to the laboratory for testing for air pollution.

Can’t wait to see the daffodils pop up from our Denim Planters.

Happy students after making Eve’s Pudding using ‘IN SEASON’ food produce – cooking apples!