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HSCL Newsletter June 2016


For child protection, all parents/visitors to the school must call to the office. When collecting a child early from school, they must be signed out by a parent/guardian before leaving the school.



School doors open at 8:40 am which is reception time for children. Children should not be in the school grounds before this time. Classes begin at 9am and school concludes at 2:30pm.




Below are a few useful websites and links to help build skills at home with your child:


Help My Kid Learn: http://www.helpmykidlearn.ie/


Information for Parents on curriculum: http://www.ncca.ie/en/Curriculum_and_Assessment/Early_Childhood_and_Primary_Education/Primary-Education/Parents/


English and Maths games: http://www.education.com/games/educational/


The Loft/Cabra Resource Centre- http://theloft.ie/


Cabra Library: http://dublincity.ie/main-menu-services-recreation-culture-dublin-city-public-libraries-and-archive-locations-hours/cabra


Connaught Street: http://4familiesinfinglas.ie/connaught-street-family-centre/


Parent Line: http://www.parentline.ie/


Cabra Community College: http://cabracc.ie/


Citizens Information: http://www.citizensinformation.ie/en/


City of Dublin Education and Training Board: http://www.cdetb.ie/


Fun games: http://www.learninggamesforkids.com/


Fun games: http://www.topmarks.co.uk