Ms. Shovlin’s 2nd Class really enjoyed their trip to Bloom in the Park.

The girls had a tour of the farm animals, engaged in some art workshops, watched a science show and finished up in the playground. Such a great day out!






2nd Class and members of the Green School’s Committee have been busy writing letters to hotels, restaurants and An Taoiseach asking them to spread our message to ask people to use biodegradable straws rather than plastic straws which pollute our seas and oceans. So far, students have received responses from An Taoiseach Leo Varadkar, Castleknock Hotel and Irish Vintners Association.


















Our Jackdaw Reports helped us integrate First Steps with The Great Plant Hunt.

















Ms. Shovlin’s Class had great fun drawing their shadows in the sun using chalk.



Postcards from Oisín in Tír na nÓg by Ms. Shovlin’s Class


Children of Lir Art
















2nd classes participated in the Road Safety workshops which took place in the hall.

Girls received tips on how to walk and travel safely including wearing a seatbelt and using a booster seat.








Dressed in blue to raise awareness of Autism.

Children also listened to some lovely stories and watched very informative videos during the week.


























As a reward for all their hard work, 2nd classes enjoyed an Easter Egg Hunt in the front grounds of our school.





















Ms. Shovlin’s 2nd Class have been busy working as engineers. The students designed and made their own boats from plasticine. The award winning boat which held the most passengers while staying afloat was the winner. It took several attempts for the boats to even float but the winning boat held 103 passengers (marrowfat peas).

































Ms. Shovlin’s Class were delighted to welcome parent volunteers to their classroom to help make Easter Bunnies from socks and rice.

Don’t they look amazing!!





















Ms. Gallagher’s Class were thrilled to invite parents into their classroom to help make Easter Bunnies.

They look fantastic!





2nd Class students who are preparing for their First Holy Communion made their First Confession on Thursday, 22nd of February.












2nd Class have been learning about the trees in our garden recently. They include; Horse Chestnut Tree, Holly Tree, Beech Tree and Sycamore Tree.




Ms. Gallagher’s Class have been doing ‘Bubble Art’.

Looks fantastic!











2nd Classes have been learning all about Australia and have been doing lovely ‘Aboriginal Art’ lessons.











‘Abstract Portraits’ and ‘Funky Umbrellas’ by 2nd Class.



















Many classes received wonderful growing kits from ‘Innocent’. The girls sowed spinach, peas and cress and look forward to watching them grow. There will be a Star Grower each week, this is the person whose crop has grown the most, this fits in perfectly with our maths (length).



Ms. Shovlin’s 2nd Class and Ms. Harvey’s 5th Class went on an eco-safari to the local park on Tuesday, 30th of January. The students brought pooters and magnifying glasses and found mini beasts and flowers. Even though the weather was cold the students had great fun and found ladybirds, spiders, worms and slugs. Crocuses and daffodils are beginning to make an appearance too.

























2nd Class have been engineers recently.

They designed a system to protect an egg from a cracking or breaking from a high wall.



2nd Class have been learning about procedural writing and healthy eating and made healthy smoothies to incorporate both.














2nd Class did a wonderful production of ‘A Little Nativity’ as part of the Christmas Concert recently. Well done girls!













2nd Class decorated elf costumes and used their photographs for the elf’s face.

They looked really cool!


Ms. Shovlin’s Class went on a ‘Holly Hunt’ as part of the Great Plant Hunt.









2nd Class have been baking cupcakes recently.

This will really help with procedural writing in the New Year.



2nd Class looking great in their costumes for Intercultural Assembly.


Magnetism and Electricity Experiments by 2nd Class

Science Fair





2nd Class planting daffodil bulbs in the School Garden.






2nd Class planted an Alder Tree sapling which was provided by the Tree Council of Ireland as part of upcoming Tree Day. This will be perfect for our school garden!




Well done to the 2nd class girls who won medals and trophies recently.

We really love to see your medals and trophies in school!

Some of the medals are for dancing, reading achievements and piano.

Keep up the good work girls!