4th Class Gallery

Group Projects about our native County Dublin by Ms. Shovlin’s Class.



‘Spooky Silhouettes’ by Ms.Shovlin’s Class



















What a day in the Phoenix Park!

Ms. Shovlin’s Class and Ms. Bourke’s Class found a squirrel stash, deer beds, acorns and much more… Thanks to MairĂ©ad Stack for the amazing workshop



Ms. Shovlin’s Class visited the Rediscovery Centre in Ballymun and participated in a Litter and Waste Workshop which was sponsored by WEE Recycling Ireland. Pupils had an opportunity to play games in which they picked the correct bin, they guessed how long it takes various items to decompose and they finished up by making crafts using recycled materials.





















We are all different and unique with our own part to play just like a box of crayons.