4th Class Gallery














Well done to all the girls who participated in the Santry Races.
















Ms. McCrea and Ms. O’Brien’s Class enjoyed a wonderful day in the D.I.T. Sports Facility in Broombridge.

The event was organised and hosted by the GardaĆ­ and it was a great day out.














Beautiful stained glass art by Ms. McCrea’s Class.
























Ms. McCrea’s Class have been reading ‘Diary of a Wimpy Kid’ and doing nice activities with the help of some parents.
















4th Classes held a very successful Cake Sale recently.

A big thank you to everyone who supported the Cake Sale in any way.




Ms. O’Brien’s Class looking great in blue as they raise awareness of Autism.















Michelangelo Art by Ms. McCrea’s Class







Ms. McCrea’s Class dressed in blue to raise awareness of Autism.

























Ms. McCrea’s Class had three engineers visit from ESB.

They did a workshop in which the girls made drawbots. It looks like so much fun!























Ms. McCrea’s Class were delighted to welcome parents into their classroom to help them make Easter Bunnies using socks and rice.

They look fantastic!








Ms. McCrea’s Class busy at work!


















Ms. Mc Crea’s Class have been sowing peas, spinach and cress as part of the Innocent ‘Sow and Grow’ Programme.

This links in closely with our Biodiversity Green Flag.




4th Class Artwork








































Ms. O Brien’s  Class have been working as engineers and designed and made ‘Floating Boats’.


Ms. McCrea’s Class have been reading ‘Charlotte’s Web’ and have been doing writing activities based on the novel.

Good work girls!










Performances of ‘Do Re Mi’ from Sound of Music and ‘Count on Me’ for the Happy Concert.



Ms O’Brien’s 4th Class brighten up the corridors.


Ms. McCrea’s Class have been writing about their 2018 goals.


Ms. McCrea’s Class have been learning about fractions in maths.

They created these pizza pictures with various toppings.



Ms. O Brien’s Class have been learning about the counties of Ireland and created county crests with information on the counties for a class display.





Can Pine Cones Open and Close?






‘Plaque Police’ by 4th Class