Mission Statement


Dominican Schools are Christian Schools in the Roman Catholic tradition.

St. Catherine’s School is a community centred on Christ, the Perfect Teacher and model for all Christian educators.

Our motto is Truth and our aim is to lead our pupils to Truth in word and action.

We strive to make our school a genuine Faith-community where the Christian values of the Gospel find daily expression in all our policies and practices.

We aim to work in partnership with parents to develop the gifts and to meet the needs of all.

We recognise that each pupil is unique and has different gifts as well as different needs. Our wish is to enable the release of the positive potential within each pupil by offering a relevant curriculum in an atmosphere characterised by care and justice.

We urge special concern for those who are emotionally, materially or intellectually disadvantaged.

We try to develop within our pupils an inner discipline leading to a wholesome respect for themselves and authority.

A caring attitude towards the environment and the whole of creation is cultivated.

We welcome the parish clergy into close collaboration with us so that, together, we can strengthen our spiritual ministry and pastoral care to all within our school community.

It is our wish that our pupils leave us with enhanced self-confidence and self-discipline.


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