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Active Schools

Active Schools 

All the girls are encouraged to be as active as possible both inside and outside of school. We have a board with sporting achievements to acknowledge the sporting efforts and achievements of everyone in the school.


Run a Mile


We run a mile every day as part of our physical education plan.

We also do themed runs for Christmas and Easter in ‘The Bogies’.






Some classes have the opportunity to play tennis during the school year and it is the most enjoyable experience for everyone.


Pupils from Fourth Class take part in a ten week programme of swimming lessons in the final term. They are taught by Swim Ireland qualified instructors, who have been working with us for the past six years. They are broken into groups according to their level of previous experience and taught skills relative to this. Basic water confidence, balance, flotation, breathing, stroke development and diving are taught. The pupils are encouraged to learn about safety in and around water and swimming pools. They are taught about respect for water and its dangers.


Students take part in the local ‘Schools Cross Country Running Competition’ held in the Park in April. The girls also have an opportunity to take part in the Santry Races.



Gaelic Football and Camogie

Most classes participate in a term of Gaelic training during the year. Classes are given tuition in basic Gaelic skills and work on their kicking, passing, shooting and defending skills through games and activities. Other classes learn some basic Camogie skills.


Sports Day

Sports Day usually takes place in the school in June with the emphasis on participation and fun. Classes rotate through a range of physical and sporting activities and games. They often include obstacle courses, races, dance, badminton, rounders, water games and uni-hoc. Pupils are asked to wear suncream due to the large number of outdoor activities and time spent outside.