18 March 2020

Dear Parents/Guardians,

In light of recent developments, we are aware that many of you will be worried about your child’s learning during this time.

Our teachers have compiled some activities and listed some websites that you can access to support your child’s learning.

Please read through the following lists, and choose some suitable activities for your child.

It is important that children continue to be active, while practicing social distancing, and also engage in regular learning sessions every day.

Regular bed times and routines are also advised by the experts, and some stress reducing exercises are also of benefit.

Children are used to meditation in school, and you can access suitable music on these sites: Kidzen Music for children (You Tube) and Calm Kids Music (Spotify)  

We will keep in touch and update the resources, so please check back regularly.

In the meantime, best of luck and stay safe, from All in St. Catherine’s Senior NS.


  1. ‘Scholastic Learn at Home’ site has free articles to read on different topics. You can sign up with a free code. https://classroommagazines.scholastic.com/support/learnathome.html?caching
  2. If you have a library card, you can download the app ‘Borrow Box’ and use your online library log in to borrow audiobooks and ebooks. 
  3. https://www.mystorybook.com/books. Pupils can create digital storybooks and add backgrounds and characters to create scenes from their story.
  4. Write a recount of your St. Patrick’s Weekend.
  5. Oxford Owl – Ebooks and books read aloud  https://www.oxfordowl.co.uk/for-home
  6. Listen to a story on www.storylineonline.net 
  7. John Boyne has announced a short story competition for children. 300 words, to be submitted by email. There are lots of book token prizes to be won. Details on his website https://johnboyne.com/short-story-competition/ 
  8. Research a country/animal and write a report on what you have researched.
  9. Write a letter to a friend or relative 
  10. Write the recipe and method for something you cooked or baked
  11. Write a movie review or book review 
  12. Write a poem including onomatopoeia and/or hyperbole.
  13. Write a summary of a chapter/make a prediction for the next chapter.
  14. Make ‘I wonder’ statements before and during reading.
  15. PDST Oral language games booklet https://ppds.pdst.ie/images/stories/curriculum_pages/english/games_a_context_for_oral_language_development.pdf 
  16. Reading activities:

– Predict what will happen in the next chapter.

-Write a summary of what has happened in the story so far.

-Illustrate your favourite scene from the story.

-Pretend you are one of the characters in the story and write your diary for the day.

-Write similarities and differences between you and your favourite character.

-Create a character profile on your favourite character (draw a picture of the character and write a description of the character) 

-Design a book cover for the book.

-Make a wanted poster for the villain in the story.

-Look at the last two pages you have read and make a list of nouns/verbs/adjectives.


  1. https://www.mathplayground.com/tb_multiplication/index.html
  2. www.nrich.maths.org – Countdown
  3. www.arcademics.com 
  4. https://nzmaths.co.nz/level-1-problems
  5. www.ie.ixl.com (maths questions broken into class levels and topics)
  6. Create 3D shapes with either paper and glue or spaghetti and marshmallows
  7. Go on a shape hunt around your house 
  8. Measure rooms in your house (length, width, perimeter and area)
  9. http://www.theschoolhub.ie/
  10. Dice Game: 2 people each roll a dice. Add or subtract the two numbers. The first person to get the answer gets a point.
  11. Bang: Adult asks a sum e.g. 8+7. The first person with the correct answer gets a point. Alternatively, adult gives an answer. The first person to come up with a sum to match the answer gets a point. 
  12. Www.mathsframe.co.uk Pupils are familiar with this website. Any of the free games on time are great for pupils to practice their knowledge of time.
  13. All classes will be very familiar with this website. Below are some of the games we recommend from this site. www.topmarks.co.uk 
  • Blast off
  • Place Value Basketball
  • Caterpillar ordering
  • Chinese Dragon Game 
  • Rocket Rounding
  • Place Value Charts
  • Coconut Odd or Even
  • Daily 10
  • Mental Maths Train
  • Hit the Button
  • Coconut Multiples
  • Number Fact Families
  • Toy Shop Money Game
  • Coins Game
  • Measuring in cm
  • Telling the time (Matching Analogue to Digital)
  • Telling the time in words
  • Bar Charts
  • Tally Chart Gamemathsframe (games name

Keeping Active / Physical Activities:

  1. GoNoodle: https://family.gonoodle.com/
  2. Cosmic Kids Yoga: https://www.cosmickids.com/category/watch/
  3. Twigín Yoga https://rtejr.rte.ie/category/rtejr-blog/yoga/
  4. The Body Coach Kids Workouts: https://www.youtube.com/results?sp=mAEB&search_query=the+body+coach+kids
  5. YouTube – Joe Wicks 5 minute move
  6. Just Dance 


  1. ‘Book Creator One’ can be downloaded for free as an app or you can set up an account online. Pupils have all been introduced to this software and they can create a book about a topic of interest which they research online or in a book.
  2. Kahoot – sign up for free as playing from home. 
  3. Designer minds Facebook page has STEAM challenges every day. 
  4. Create PowerPoints on topics of interest if they have access to it to at home. 
  5. Pupils can learn and practice their typing skills on ‘BBC Typing Tutor’.
  6. Khan Academy
  7. News2Day Daily News
  8. TG4 – cula4 https://www.cula4.com/ga/
  9. 10 @ 10 – exercises in Irish and English https://rtejr.rte.ie/10at10/
  10. Art for Kids Hub: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC5XMF3Inoi8R9nSI8ChOsdQ
  11. Www.helpmykidlearn.ie has lots of activities (English, maths and general)
  12. World book online – kid friendly information for projects  https://www.worldbookonline.com/kids/home
  13. https://www.geoguessr.com/ 
  14. https://www.ducksters.com/ – project work. 
  15. https://kids.nationalgeographic.com/
  16. https://www.duolingo.com/course/ga/en/Learn-Irish Duolingo for practising Irish. 

Other Useful Activities:

  1. Cook dinner / Bake
  2. Draw / Colour / Paint / Knit / Sew
  3. Go on a Spring hunt – Search for all the sights of Spring
  4. Play Board Games / Card Games
  5. Puzzle books
  6. Create a wordsearch 
  7. Make a Time Capsule
  8. Make jigsaw puzzles
  9. Keep a daily diary/journal

Great information for parents is also available on https://www.into.ie/2020/03/18/tips-and-tricks-home-learning/ 

Welcome to the St. Catherine’s Senior School website.  St. Catherine’s Senior School caters for girls from second class to sixth class.

We are a fifteen teacher school, including S.E.T. teachers and a Home School Community Liaison Teacher.

St. Catherine’s is a Catholic school in the Dominican tradition.  We are inspired by our school Motto ‘Veritas’, which means ‘Truth’ and we aim to educate our pupils for life, helping them to reach their full potential, and use their gifts and talents to build a just and peaceful world.

Please take some time to explore our website.  Your will find information on our many activities – our Green school, our sports and music ventures and some beautiful examples of our pupils’ work.

Our newsletter section will keep you up to date with our busy school life.

Click here to view some of our recent school newsletters

If you require any further information, please contact the school on (01) 8387194.

Our video gives an insight into the fun and vibrant learning community in St. Catherine’s Senior School.

Opening Hours

School hours:                8:40am – 2:30pm

Break:                          10:30am – 10:45am

Lunch:                          12:15pm – 12:50pm

School Amenities

Our School has a large PE hall, which can cater for a range of sporting activities. The hall is also used for Christmas concerts, events and school activities that involve the entire school population. There is also a large playground, which provides ample space for children to play and engage in playground games. The playground is separated into class groupings for safety.

We have an ICT room where pupils can engage in online learning activties and suitable educational games. It is invaluable in the teaching of vital ICT skills, which will stand to our pupils long after they have left our school. We also have an extensive library with a huge collection of both fiction and non-fiction titles to suit all interests. Pupils are brough to both the library and computer room on a regular basis.

We were recently awarded a Yellow Flag for Inclusion and Diversity.

Our music room boasts a collection of interesting percussion and tuned instruments, as well as being a space in which music can be played, sung, created and explored. Our beautiful oratory is used for prayer services, reflective time and in supporting the Catholic ethos of the school, as we celebrate various religious occasions during the year.



General Information

St. Catherine’s Senior School is a primary school situated on the Ratoath Road in Cabra West, Dublin 7.   The school occupies the first floor of the building, which was built by the Dominican Sisters in 1944.  The school hall is shared with the Infant School on the ground floor.

In April 2006, the Dominican sisters transferred the school to the Laurence O’Toole Trust, under the patronage of The Archbishop of Dublin, Diarmuid Martin.

St. Catherine’s continues to preserve the Dominican tradition of education aiming to develop each girl to her full potential – academically, spiritually, socially and emotionally, in a spirit of trust and truth.

There are currently ten mainstream classes and three S.E.T. teachers in the school. A Home School Community Liaison Coordinator is shared, as is the School Completion Coordinator.

As a feeder school for St. Dominic’s College, sixth class pupils usually transfer there for their secondary school education.

Parents are encouraged to become involved in the life of the school and their children’s learning.

Several courses are organised by the H.S.C.L. Coordinator including cookery (with a focus on healthy, cost-saving meals), fitness classes and computer classes. There is a parent and toddler group also. Parents are involved in Maths for Fun, Story Sacks and paired reading initiatives.

The school has developed a strong link with the local Library and is a member of CBI (Children’s Books Ireland).

Launching the Blue Star Programme in Government Buildings.

The school has for the fifth year running received a Plaque of Excellence for Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths.

Pastoral care is emphasised in the school. There is a nourishing of the gifts of each child in an atmosphere of respect.

Sacramental preparation, involving the home, the school and the parish is undertaken by the teachers and parish sister, Sr. Philomena, who is based in the school.

The school is involved in the Green Schools Initiative and has recently obtained its fifth Green Flag for Biodiversity. The school is now piloting a brand new flag called for Biodiversity and Food. Our school boasts a gorgeous garden.