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Summer Camp





The Carnival Comes to Cabra 2018


In August, 2018 the students in St. Catherine’s participated in summer camp with the main theme being ‘The Carnival Comes to Cabra’. There were a range of exciting activities including; a trip to Cabra Library, a visit from Dublin Circus School, a trip to the local shop for ingredients and much more. On the final day, parents attended a carnival which the children had been organising during the week. Well done girls!


Balloon making workshop









Trip to the shop



A trip to Cabra Library


Making buns!



Painting our school crest with parent volunteers



















Welcome to the Cabra Carnival. The students worked hard all week preparing their stalls and presented the show to parents on the final day.


Check out the fun we had in our Numeracy and Literacy Summer Camp in August 2016 – we did lots of activities and visited our local library!

Our theme was “In the Jungle”.

We invited our parents to a show on the final day – we had a super time singing and dancing.  We also showed them our displays.