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Holiday Calendar


Return to school:      Monday, 31st of August. School opens at 8.40am

                                         (Full day at school)

Mid-term Break:   Monday, 26th of October – Friday, 30th of October

School re-opening Monday, 2nd of November

Christmas Holidays: Tuesday 22nd of December – School Closes 12.15pm


School re-opening:     Wednesday, 6th of January 2021

February Midterm: Thursday 18th and Friday 19th February – School Closed

March Bank Holiday:  Wednesday 17th of March – School Closed


Easter Holidays:             Friday, 26th of March School Closes 12.15pm

School re-opening Monday, 12th of April

May Holiday:         Monday 3rd – Friday 7th May

School re-opening Monday 10th of May

June Bank Holiday:        Monday 7th and Tuesday 8th June – School Closed

Summer Holidays:         Wednesday 30th of June School closes 12.15pm

Please note that some dates may change for days lost due to adverse weather or unforeseen events.

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